Concentric Circles is a study of form and motion in vibrant intense color. Part quest for beauty, part research, these works attempt to define potential pathways for color particles to play in. Could metals inherent in oil paint be sent into motion and follow pathways on a canvas? Is optical motion a form of energy and could it be harnessed?

Concentric Circles also explore color harmonics related to sound energy. When complimentary colors are placed next to one another they appear to visually vibrate.  Is an imperceivable tone simultaneously being generated?  Some individuals with Synesthesia associate color with sounds.  How we perceive color is an individual experience, we connect to color in different ways.

The overarching concept of form, motion and vibrant intense color resonates throughout Concentric Circles.  To me, the importance of this work lies in the exploration and discovery, the finished artworks representative of my process.